A Word from the Director

My name is Melissa Clause, and I am so glad you have visited our web site. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and AAA Partners in Adoption. 

I first began my career in adoptions in 1980. Adoptions were very different 30 years ago. Neither the adoptive family nor the birth parents received much of any information. Everything about the adoption process was a secret for all parties concerned. I must say the new found openness between the birth and adoptive families has been a ‘breath of fresh air’ to adoptions. 

As the Director, any client may have my cell phone, and I am accessible 24/7. I like to think that I am not the kind of Director who sits in an ‘ivory tower,’ but is there on a personal basis for our families. 

In 1994, I founded Partners in Adoptions. What started at my kitchen table has blossomed into a full-service placing agency with social workers and offices throughout the state of Georgia. 

We emphasize 3 services - home studies, birth parent services and adoption programs to adoptive parents. Families call me and ask, “What religion must I be?” I reply that faith is a very important value to share with a child. But, what religion or faith is not up to Partners in Adoption. “Do I need a lot of money and a big house?” One of our best adoptive families lived in a trailer and the father was a truck driver. They were rich in the things that really count - love and kindness. 

As to the home study itself, our fee is one of the lowest in the state of Georgia. But, that’s not the most important factor. Different from many agencies, we have adoptive parents on staff, and we can complete your paperwork in record time. Another difference which will be important to you is that we not only perform the home study, but you can immediately enter our pool of waiting families for an infant. 

In closing, I hope you will take the time to call us at 770-844-2080 to learn more exciting details about how we can help you successfully adopt a child. 


Melissa Clause
Executive Director