Frequently Asked Questions


When should we start the home study process? How long will it take?

The adoption home study process usually takes four to six weeks (the home study can be expidited in less time if necessary). Therefore, you should begin your home study as soon as possible. We recommend that you submit your home study application forms, so that we can take the necessary steps to obtain your criminal and child abuse clearances simultaneously. Read

For how long is my home study valid?

Working with AAA Partners in Adoption, your home study will be valid for one year after the completion date. If you do not receive a placement before that date the home study will not need to be redone, but it will need to be updated. Other forms that must be updated yearly include your background clearances, child abuse, FBI and criminal clearances, physician health report, and tax return. Read

Do I have to update my home study for any other reasons?

Even if your adoption home study has not expired, you are required to get it updated if any major life changes occur. Examples include moving/change of address, change of employer, and any changes/additions in household members. If you’re not sure if you need an update, please call us. Read

Will you do my home study if I’m single?

Single parents are approved for adoption, and therefore, we do complete adoption home studies for singles. The home study process will remain the same. Be aware that other household members such as roommates will be interviewed and must have background checks performed as well. Read

Will certain medical condition keep me from getting a home study?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Each medical condition will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Most medical conditions won’t prohibit adoptions as long as your physician says you are able to raise a child. The physician health report is a state requirement in all home studies and is used to tell us about any physical or psychological issues that could affect your ability to parent a child. Read

Will my DUI or a criminal background keep us from adopting?

If you have ever been arrested, it will not necessarily prohibit you from getting an approved home study. Again, we are not looking for perfect families. Please call AAA Partners in Adoption directly to discuss any criminal background issues. Read

Do you conduct post placements/supervision visits? What exactly are they?

AAA Partners in Adoption does perform post placement visits as they are normally a requirement of your placement agency. A post-placement visit allows your adoption consultant to assess the child and adoptive parents, and discuss any issues, milestones, health questions and adjustment issues. Georgia requires two post placement visits in order to finalize your adoption in the state of Georgia. In the case of a private adoption (no agency involved in the placement of the child) no post-placement visits are required. Read