Is Adoption for Me? Will Placing My Baby for Adoption be Best for Me?

Are you feeling scared? Confused? Not sure what to do about the life growing inside you? You’re not alone. You’re here because you think adoption may be the way for your baby to have the bright future you feel unable or unequipped to provide. That is a loving and selfless thing for you to think about.

However, you are filled with questions and uncertainty. Will my child hate me for giving her away? What if I never see her again? What will my child think of me later in life? First, it’s important to remember that you no longer have to really give up a baby in an adoption.

Adoption Doesn’t Really Mean ‘Giving Up Your Baby’

For years, 'giving up a baby' for adoption was done in secrecy, which led to feelings of inadequacy, shame and resentment by the child. However, today’s adopted children can learn as much as they want about their birth parents. This allows the child to grow up knowing adoption was chosen only because he or she was loved very much.

Reasons for Adoption

So why do pregnant women place their baby for adoption? Women who make an adoption plan are trying to put their baby's needs first. They want their child to:

  • Have everything they are not able to provide without having to struggle for the basic necessities.
  • Grow up with two loving parents and a supportive extended family in a safe environment free from abuse, neglect, alcohol and drugs.
  • Have a better life-go to college, enjoy the comforts of life.
  • Stay out of foster care.

While choosing adoption is done out of love, it is a very emotional and confusing time. If you have decided on adoption but still struggle with the idea of placing your baby, imagine your child a little older-smiling and living a secure, happy life knowing that his or her birth mother cared so much to choose this life of possibilities.

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