Laura's Story

It was a warm and sunny day in May that changed my life forever. The words "you're pregnant" ran through my head incessantly. How could this be? I was a 23 year old college student who was getting ready to graduate in one month. As soon as I stopped feeling sorry for myself, my attention and energy turned to my unborn child, who was due in three months.

For me, adoption was the only real option. As much as I hated to admit it, I was not ready, or able, to give my precious child the life he deserved. I wanted him to have a mother and a father, and all of the things that go along with being a real "family". And unfortunately, I was not able to give him those things at that time.

So, I contacted several adoption agencies, and chose the one that I was most comfortable with. My social worker was my rock, the one who helped me get through it all. She worked tirelessly to find the perfect parents for my baby. She was there for me before, during, and after the birth, doing all she could to make me feel comfortable, happy and loved.

My son's parents and I have a semi-open adoption, and I love seeing "our" son grow up through pictures and updates. I thank God every day for my son's adoptive parents. They are two of the most wonderful people I have ever met. I am so grateful for their generosity in allowing me to see my baby grow up. We have developed a very special relationship; one that I hope will last for a very long time.

For me, adoption was definitely the best option. There are still tough days emotionally, but you must believe in your heart that you are doing the right thing for your child. I know that my child will grow up knowing that his birthmother loved him very much, and only wanted what was best for him. It is my hope and prayer that one day I will again get to see the beautiful face of the child that I placed for adoption, so I can let him know how much I have always loved him and his parents.