I am Pregnant 

Is Choosing Adoption Best for Me?

Thinking about placing a baby for adoption instead of parenting or aborting? We applaud you for considering this path. Choosing adoption means opening a world of possibilities that you are unable to provide. Read

Birth Mother Support and Services

If you’re contemplating adoption, we offer the type of birth mother support you need during the pregnancy, delivery, adoption and post-adoption process. Learn more about our birth mother support and services and contact us with questions. Read

How do I choose the adoptive parents?

Think about what’s important to you. Does age, marriage history or religion matter? Do you want the family to have a certain type of lifestyle? Live in a specific type of area or have certain physical traits? There are many questions you can ask yourself, but remember only you can choose. Think about the type of life you want for your baby. Read

Can I get financial assistance during my pregnancy?

Your medical bills that are not covered by insurance or Medicaid will be paid by the adoptive family. Assistance with reasonable living expenses, maternity clothes and other items is often provided as well. Read

Will I be able to see my baby in the hospital?

Yes. With your adoption plan, you can decide on a variety of things such as how you want things to be at the hospital (i.e. how much contact you want with the baby and adoptive parents, who you want with you, if you would like to be placed out of the maternity unit after delivery, etc.). Read

Once I sign the adoption papers, can I change my mind?

After the child is born and you sign the papers, you have 10 days to change your mind about the adoption. Read

How involved will I be in the adoption process?

Completely! This is your adoption plan, which means with the help of your counselor you decide on the specifics of the adoption. You are in the driver’s seat. Read

How much will the adoptive family know about me?

The adoptive family will be told your first name, state of residence, and medical and social history. Read

How much information about the adoptive family will I get?

You will be able to review family profiles, which include photos, descriptions of their relationship, lifestyle, interests, extended family and other similar items. Read

Can I change my mind about the family I chose?

If you feel uncomfortable with the adoptive family you initially chose, let us know and we will work to find the ideal family for you and your child. Read

Once I decide on adoption, what is the first step?

Call us at (770) 825-2028. We will talk about the adoption process with you, answer any question you may have, and personally meet with you. We’re here to help 24 hours a day. Read