The Georgia adoption home study process requires you to complete many forms. For simplicity, we have organized these forms based on the subsequent steps in the home study process.

All forms can be downloaded as an Adobe PDF. Please print and complete all forms and then mail, email or fax them directly to your AAA Partners in Adoption representative. Please don't forget to retain copies of all documents you send to us for your records. Thank you for selecting us to be your partner.

Beginning the Home Study Process 

Includes application and other necessary documents and instructions. Read

Continuing the Home Study Process 

Includes documents, further instructions and useful information regarding background checks. Although this group of documents is primarily needed after your application is approved, you may want to download them early in order to get familiar with the remainder of what is required. Read

Updating an Existing Domestic Home Study 

A domestic Georgia adoption home study expires one (1) year from the final approval date. If a child has not been placed with you before that time, your home study must be updated with the forms found here. AAA Partners in Adoption requires approximately one month to update a home study. Read

Home Study for Second Adoption 

Once a child has been placed with you, your Georgia adoption home study is no longer valid (even if it has still not expired). However, this home study requires only one visit by an adoption consultant and costs substantially less. Read