Talking to Family and Friends about Adoption

You’ve decided that placing your baby for adoption is the right thing to do. Now, how do you tell your family and friends about it?

While there is no one size fits all answer when talking about placing a baby for adoption, we do have a few ideas to help you through this time.

  • The first person you tell should care about you and your feelings; someone who isn’t likely to react strongly with anger or disappointment.
  • Be open and honest about your situation. Tell your friend or family member you need to tell them something and ask that they don’t judge-just listen.
  • While there is never a good time, confiding in family or friends early on can be helpful in developing a team of support. Choose a place where you are unlikely to be disturbed and have some privacy.
  • If family or friends aren’t supportive during this time, find a birth parent support group. In fact, AAA Partners in Adoption can introduce you to a birth mother mentor.
  • Once you’ve told your friends and family, you’re sure to hear many opinions about placing a baby for adoption. However, you need to remember that only you know what is best for your baby.
  • Also, as your pregnancy progresses and becomes evident to all those around you, you will likely have many questions. It is important to remember that you can tell people as little or as much about your adoption plan as you want. Placing a baby for adoption is a personal decision. If you don’t want to share, just tell them you don’t want to talk about it. 

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